Dear passengers, this is your captain pilot speaking; Welcome to our flight 3005 to Toronto. You are kindly requested to fasten your seat belts and sit back and enjoy this pleasant flight!

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Hello again as Flight Number team! First of all, we wanted to tell you about ourselves and what we do; we are a brand focused on natural functions and contents, environmentally conscious, adopting nature and the natural. What makes us different is our “modern - original - timeless” line and our endless energy. We are not afraid to take assertive and bold steps that always make us better! As the Flight Number team, our goal is to create different routes with you in each collection, to go on explorations and to offer you unique designs inspired by these discoveries.


We set the route for our first collection and decided to fly to Toronto! This was a very special and enjoyable collection discovery for us. So you wonder why Toronto? Toronto is Canada's largest popular city and one of the world's most developed cities with a high standard of living. It is possible to see people from almost all nationalities with different ethnic cultures here. However, this diversity turns the city into a riot of colors, a visual feast, rather than turmoil and fight. The people living there are always kind and understanding to each other. Millions of different people with their religions, customs, languages, different beliefs and lifestyles live in harmony in this country. If you are a nature lover, interested in culture and art, open to different tastes and innovations, the city has many features that will satisfy you.

Of course, it is not possible to turn our route to Toronto and not mention Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Don't worry, we're not going to talk about Trudeau's political background and electoral politics, our problem is with his colorful personality and socks! The fact that he wears colorful, funny and striking socks under his extremely stylish suits in all the events he attends destroys the politician profiles we are accustomed to. He obviously needs us to express himself with his socks. Even if he is the prime minister, protecting freedom of expression in his official attire should be his biggest concern.

At the end of our Toronto journey, we were inspired by the harmony brought by differences and contrasts, without the need for similar parts to be compatible. Dear passengers; Our colors, styles and even preferences may be different, but we are beautiful together! Thank you very much for accompanying us on this journey.